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Mother’s Day Special – Black Sand Body Scrub and Facial

Rejuvenate Massage and Facial

At Ohana Bali Spa, our therapists use a combination of Massage techniques specific to your needs to cater to each individual. Balinese deep tissue massage is our most popular massage. This massage is designed to promote relaxation, improve circulation, and relieve tension. Lomi Lomi is a rhythmic full-body massage incorporating the use of fingers, hands, forearms, and elbows. “Loving hands” is a term to describe the quality of the massage. Our special facial begins with deep cleansing, active aromatherapy facial for men and women using high quality Certified Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils. Treatment will help relieve stress and increase oxygen. The skin cells repair, heal, and promote balance for combination or all skin types.

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Popular Procedures

Balinese Deep Tissue

In this authentic massage style of ageless tradition, your therapist applies Indonesian floral oil. This massage focuses on the deeper layer of muscle tissue.

Black Sand Body Scrub

Ohana Bali Spa’s signature body scrub treatment begins with an aromatic, organic product consisting of Cool Lava Volcano black sand that were found in Polynesian lagoons and islands.