Empower Essential Oil Blend

“Empower” is an essential oil blend I created in 2020, just as the spa was reopening during the pandemic. In a time when we all were having a tough time and needed strength this oil blend helped me to accept all the changes happening around me and the challenges of reopening my business during the pandemic.

Now I regularly use Empower in my meditation practice. It has helped me to reach a higher level, called Nirvana, four different times since I developed and started using the oil blend in my meditation practice. 

Empower is a blend of seven different essential oils that all connect with the Chakra (our own individual energy). 

I have blended these seven oils in the proper ratios and put the mix into roller ball bottles that can be purchased at the spa for $55.

I suggest applying the Empower oil blend to the Heart Chakra (in the center of the chest just behind the sternum), the Third Eye Chakra (center of the forehead above the nose), and the Sacral Chakra (just below the belly button).

I recommend applying the oil before meditation and any other time you want to feel more Empowered.

Hawaiian Sandalwood

Hawaiian Sandalwood oil helps one to reorder their priorities.  It helps calm the mind, still the heart and helps get one into alignment with God’s will and divine purpose.


Melissa is the perfect oil for those suffering from depression or anxiety.  Those who feel hopelessness, despair, darkness, burden, loss of will to live, and overwhelm can benefit from the boost of positivity provided by Melissa oil.



Vetiver oil is great for someone who is disconnected, scattered, stressed, ungrounded, or avoiding. Vetiver uncovers the root cause of emotional issues, opens the door to light and recovery through this downward journey and won’t let you quit!


Hinoki oil has an invigorating citrus aroma that can increase spiritual awareness. Historically, Hinoki essential oil was used to refresh the soul. Practically, it’s incredibly decay resistant. Hinoki came from Japanese Cypress.


The crisp, citrusy aroma of Litsea oil can help to increase a sense of spirituality and connection while promoting confidence and inner strength.


Davana essential oil carries a spiritual energy that invokes peace and enhances meditation.

Pink Pepper

Pink Pepper oil is mentally stimulating. It has been used traditionally as a cleansing herb, in preparation for healing or ceremony. This oil has an affinity for the throat and heart energy centers. It is energizing and protective energetically, and can help bolster courage and prepare us to take action.
pink pepper

I sincerely hope you’ll try my Empower essential oil blend and let me know it works for you.