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Ohana Bali Spa is a premier reseller of high quality Essential Oils and products on the Big Island of Hawaii located in Kailua-Kona. Essential oil products are used in many of our wonderful spa and massage treatments and we highly recommend them for daily use and treatments. If you have questions on any of our high quality essential oils or would like recommendations on what would work best for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


My name is Yanee, owner and founder of Ohana Bali Spa. I want to tell my story on how I believe in essential oil products and how they have directly helped and changed my own life. I hope they help you and change your life as well.

A while back I ordered lemongrass, basil, and lavender essential oils from my aunty. One day I was in a hurry cooking, flipped over a lamb chop and splashed hot oil from the pan on my hand. I ran to the bathroom to clean with cold water and look up the essential oil reference card on what might soothe the area. I applied lavender to my hand and quickly rushed to school. Within minutes I had completely forgotten about having been splashed with hot oil and the next morning the area on my hand looked like nothing had even happen.

The reason we ended up using essential oils for facials here at Ohana Bali Spa is because I have very sensitive skin. We tried many different products and I would always end up breaking out with a rash or felt burning on my face. Using a line of high quality essential oils are the only products that did not cause me to have a bad reaction. Plus, the first time I received a facial using essential oils I suddenly got chicken skin while receiving the treatment. I asked the therapist if I could read the ingredients and one of the main oils was Bergamot (which is from a plant that is similar to lime). I used to help my great grandmother who was a nurse and she made many supplements from herbs, which I helped her make them when I was around five or six years old.

Essential oil toothpaste is great for keeping a healthy oral hygiene. Anytime you feel the need to boost your immune system you can use a high quality blend of oils that I sell. I also suggest oregano oil. Let me tell you about oregano, this oil is very strong so you have to dilute it. I put oregano essential oil in hot tea or cold tea, just one drop is all it takes. Drink with a straw and don’t sip as it will burn your mouth and throat. This essential oil really works to support a healthy immune system, respiratory functions, and healthy digestion.

Essential oils will help promote wellness, making you feel better. What I also love about essential oils is that they do not expire, one 15ml bottle of oregano will last you one year or longer.

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